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Focus an image of the sun on a piece of paper, and that will be a real image.While we have derived it for the case of an object that is a distance greater than the focal length, from a converging lens, it works for all the.

When the eyes receive these light waves, it looks as if the waves are diverging from behind the mirror, making it appear as if the object is behind the mirror as well.

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This point is known as the focus and the distance between the centre of the lens to the focus is called the focal length of convex lens.For plane (flat) mirrors, light is reflected according to the law of reflection.

If a person looks into a mirror and raises his right hand, the image in the mirror makes it look like the person raised his.When Object is between infinity and pole When the object is between infinity and pole of a convex mirror, a diminished, virtual and erect image is formed between pole and focus i.e. behind the mirror.Virtual images can be formed of the same size even if it is far or near by they appear to be same. 5.) Real images are formed in front of the mirror.

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Virtual images are images that are formed at locations where light does not actually reach.

Cameras, eyeglasses, and microscopes use lenses in a variety of ways to help us magnify, clarify or change.Unlike, concave lens, whose thin centre causes the object to look farther and smaller.

Ans: Pole: It is the midpoint of the curved surface of spherical mirror.An inverted microscope (right photo) which observes a specimen from beneath is used for.

The explanation with ray diagram is given in the saikirank answer.

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As discussed in the previous section of Lesson 2, an image location is the location in space where all the reflected light appears to diverge from.An optical device lens is very useful for reflecting and transmitting light.The size of image is goes on increasing and the image is real and inverted.

And to some degree, a virtual image is more intuitive because we have so much experience with it when we think about mirrors or reflective surfaces.

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Real image is formed when the light reconvenes and always inverted (i.e., upside down).The telescope is much shorter than both the astronomical and terrestrial telescopes.

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Magnification is the ratio of the image distance to the object distance.I just mean how it gets transported out of the male reproductive tract, and into the female reproductive tract, where it can hopefully fertilize an egg, and result in a pregnancy.

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This type of image is called a virtual image, because light waves do not actually pass through.

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For example virtual image produced by a concave lens is an erect image.

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Concave mirror reflect light inwards towards a single point known as the focal point.