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Define cervical. cervical synonyms, cervical pronunciation, cervical translation, English dictionary definition of cervical. adj. 1. Of or relating to the uterine cervix. 2. Of or relating to the neck. adj of or relating to the neck or cervix adj. of or pertaining to the cervix or.The spread of pelvic tumors to lymph nodes is an important means of tumor dissemination.

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WebMD provides information about the anatomy of the carotid artery.The lymph is circulated throughout your body and filtered through hundreds of nodes that trap debris and pathogens that are removed from the cells in your body.

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The neck is part of a long flexible column, known as the spinal column or backbone, which extends through most of the body.Chapter 50: The neck Superficial structures of the neck Sternomastoid and trapezius muscles The sternocleidomastoid, or more simply sternomastoid, muscle arises by two heads from the front of the manubrium sterni and the upper surface of the medial third of the clavicle (see figs. 6-2, 19-2, and 50-8).

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Transverse processes: The transverse processes are lateral projections of the vertebrae which have facets projecting off them.Structures found here are the submental lymph node(s) (ln) that drain the floor of the mouth.Large clusters of lymph nodes located near the surface of the skin are found in the inguinal (groin) area, axillary (arm pit) area, and cervical (neck) area of the body.

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Term: 1 Definition: cervical enlargement Term: 2 Definition: lumbar enlargement Term: 3 Definition: conus medullaris Term: 4 Definition: conus medullaris Term: 5 Definition: filum terminale This preview has intentionally blurred sections.The cervical enlargement is the source of the spinal nerves that contribute to the brachial plexus and supply the upper limbs.Of or relating to the neck, a necklike part, or the cervix of an organ Explanation of cervical fibers Of or relating to the neck, a necklike part, or the cervix of an organ Explanation of cervical fibers.

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Find a picture, definition, and conditions that affect the artery.

The lumbar enlargement of the spinal cord corresponds to the mild increase in cross sectional area of the cord from the T11 level to the conus medullaris.

They arranged with one another by parallel sequence and lie at the lateral boundaries of the cervical vertebrae.The cervical enlargement corresponds with the attachments of the large nerves which supply the upper limbs.

Occasionally, a spinal branch arises to supply the cervical enlargement of the spinal cord.At one time or another, most people have experienced neck pain.

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Vaught on anatomy of c spine: A syrinx in the spine is just a small fluid filled sac.

I started to get anxious about them, so I decided to go to the doctors.Pelvic tumors usually metastasize first to regional lymph nodes, which are specific groups of nodes for each tumor, and are classified according.Here we will examine the definition of the cervix, the structure, and function and will finish up with a short quiz to test your understanding.

Uncovertebral joint is present from cervical 3 to cervical 7 vertebrae.Cervical dysplasia involves a sequence of cellular changes from mild to severe that are not yet cancerous but constitute the prelude to cervical cancer.The cervical enlargement is the more pronounced, and corresponds with the attachments of the large nerves which supply the upper limbs.Certainly does not seem like cancer which would be 5 to 10 times larger.It extends from about the third cervical to the second thoracic vertebra, its maximum circumference (about 38 mm.) being on a level with the attachment of the sixth pair of cervical nerves.